Cold Climate Grapes

Hybrid vs Vinifera


Hybrid grapes are created by genetically cross pollinating two or more vitis varieties. There are 2 primary reasons why hybrids are created and used.


Cold Hardy

Many climates once considered too cold to grow grapes are now producing wines that deserve attention. Places like The Pacific Northwest, The Finger Lakes, Canada, The Midwest, and Vermont – all wetter, colder locales – are showing up on the map, taking awards and bringing their wines to the forefront of wine culture. Hybrids can take wild cold hardy grapes and cross them with vinifera to get the aromatics and flavor of traditional grape varieties and the durability of the other type of grape.


Pest Resistant

Some species of grapes are susceptible to pests. The pest-resistant quality of North American grapes is a quality winemakers cannot get in v. vinifera.